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Published on October 28th, 2013 | by Nottingham Drinker


August Social – Mansfield Road Pub Crawl

With the volatile British summer time in full swing the young members August social was a trip to Mansfield Road to sample some of its most popular pubs. Starting at the Micro-pub Dr’s Orders in Carrington, we made our way through some old favourites like The Lincolnshire Poacher- previously voted as the young member’s pub of the season for spring 2013. I was surprised by Fade (And the Hard to Find Café) who stocked a few bottled ales a bit harder to find in a pub/bar, were I had an old favourite of mine – Wells Banana Bread Beer. Some other pubs we visited were The Grosvenor, Forest Tavern and Peacock.

Although on a whole another thoroughly enjoyable evening with some great company, it has to be noted that we were slightly let down by some of the places we visited in terms of both choice and quality of products; a couple of the most popular ales not being presented at their best. It may stand to reason that we may have held too many assumptions from previous visits, and from conversations with others about the quality of Mansfield Roads pub climate. With this aside there is a reason it is a popular pub crawl destination, the range of atmospheres you can come across in one night is obviously substantial. Only time will tell if it continues with its success.

Hannah Luck

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