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Published on October 28th, 2013 | by Nottingham Drinker


BATEMANS – History Repeating Itself

Batemans Brewery of Wainfleet have been craft brewers since 1874 and are now in the hands of the fourth generation, Stuart and Jackie Bateman.  Batemans have been at the forefront of new product development over the years and have always prided themselves on using the past to predict the future.  This is especially relevant with their new range of ‘Bohemian Brews’, which are all 6% ABV plus and brewed using fruits and spices as they would have been in the Middle Ages, in order to give them that exciting difference and creating a sense of adventure for drinkers.

Batemans were one of the first brewers to reintroduce such brewing methods, adding fruits and spices late in the copper boil, when they introduced ‘Mr George’s Unique Flavours’ in the 1990’s. George Bateman, or ‘Mr George’ as he was affectionately known, was passionate about all of his beers and developing new ranges.  These beers used vanilla pods, elderflowers, strawberries, whisky, toffee, liquorice and smoked malts and were tremendously successful.

‘Bohemian Brews’ are a similar version but with much increased ABV’s.  There will be a dozen or so new recipes both in 330ml bottle and cask, the bottled beers being permanently available and the cask beers on a two monthly rotation.  The first beer will be Orange Barley at 6.2% ABV, brewed using Seville orange peel added to the copper and available during July and August in 9 gallon casks.  This will be followed by such brews as Hazelnut Brownie (6.3%), Mocha Amaretto (6.5%), and many others such as Mead, Gingerbread and Buttered Ale.  The range and recipes have been worked on for nearly two years, with the original one being the staggeringly successful Mocha beer at 6% ABV, the bottled version running away with the Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt title and proving to be one of the most popular J D Wetherspoon guest beers.  These beers should be served in 12oz tulip stemmed glasses, marked at a half and a third, which Batemans have had designed in order to maximise appreciation of their tremendous aromas.

Batemans pride themselves in being at the heart of Lincolnshire, the food capital of England, and have named their light golden beer Yella Belly Gold, which is the nickname for people born in Lincolnshire.  There are many myths as to why Lincolnshire people are called Yella Bellies, ranging from the hue of the mustard pickers’ aprons to the colour of the Lincolnshire Regiment’s tunics.  This beer, which is brewed with Lincolnshire barley lager malt, has proved extremely popular since its launch in October 2012, with an ABV of 3.9% and citrusy Cascade and Chinook hops added late to the copper boil.  And continuing new product development has also led to the welcome return of their seasonal beer, Combined Harvest, a delightful brew fashioned from an unusual mixture of malted barley, malted oats, malted rye and malted wheat.  Look out for these excellent beers along the bar, give them a try and let Stuart or Jackie know what you think.

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