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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Nottingham Drinker


Nomad – New Local Brewery Blasts Off!

When I was tipped off that another new brewery had opened in our area, I was told it was a part-time venture, at least initially as the three business partners were all astronauts! But it turns out that the three guys Michael Keech, the brewer, Matthew Weightman who looks after sales and admin and Phil Roberts were not regularly popping off to the Kennedy Space Centre for frequent trips to the moon on the space shuttle. They are actually not astronauts at all, but archaeologists, which prompted my informant to say “Oh well I knew it was something like that”!


The small one-barrel brewery was set up last Autumn when some test brews were attempted, but they eventually went into full production in March of this year. The brewery is called Nomad and it is located in Newthorpe very close to one of our other new breweries White Dog.

All of their output is currently either in 500ml bottles (Real Ale In a Bottle) or 18 pint mini-pins (beer served from a plastic bag inside a cardboard box – very convenient for parties). There was no intention of producing cask beer initially, but I did borrow some casks and persuade them to let us have some draught beers for the South Notts Beer Festival in early May and the Newark Beer Festival at the end of the month.

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Nomad currently have four regular beers – Night Porter a 3.8% traditional porter, The Wanderer a 4.2% best bitter, The Navigator a 4.3% pale ale and The Explorer a light session brew at 3.6%. Their beers can be found at the Redgate Farm Shop in Eastwood or from the brewery itself (call first to make sure someone is there). For more details see or call 07851213665. Worth a try just to say you have sampled beer brewed by astronauts, well…something like that!

Steve Westby

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