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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Nottingham Drinker


Local Brewery News – News From Flipside Brewery

Andrew Dunkin writes…


The typical English Summer is with us or so we are told; up to now it has been a couple of good weekends and then rain and cool days.  However, when the sun is out and the BBQ’s are lit we can really tell as the sales of our increasingly popular minicasks goes up noticeably.  What with the recent brewery move/expansion we have been struggling to keep up with supply across the board but that will soon change now as we can produce so much more in a single brew.
Talking of the brewery move we took delivery of some nice big sofas for the developing “visitor centre” and I caught the lads having a little lie down on them one lunch time, not what I had in mind for them I have to say but they do come in handy for those impromptu sit down and talk meetings that happen so often.  Once I had moved them on they decided that the office needed re-arranging for the third time.  The same day the new computer system arrived and was installed by the owner of our IT support company who also happens to be the brother of the owner of Tring Brewery. What a small world this is!

Planning ahead for the next month, well following on from our tasting panel session we held at the beginning of June, we will be bringing out a few new beers soon. One pale beer, one golden beer and a stout will be making it into our range. We will also be sourcing of some more different bottled beers for the Flipping Good Beer shop. We still want to keep the beer miles down but at the same time extend our range. I am sure we can find space for loads more bottles.

Talking about bottles, we are about to take delivery of a semi automatic bottling line – sounds good, well it will mean that we can bottle a lot faster and that hopefully all the labels will be on straight, and the right way up. Well, we can hope! We are still sticking with bottle conditioned beers for now but the idea of using contract bottling is still flirting with the backs of our minds.

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