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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Nottingham Drinker


Local Brewery News – News From Castle Rock

Brewers drum up a welcome for Rock legend

CRB Paice visit 1 Ian Paice, Deep Purple’s Nottingham-born drummer, who expressed one regret following his tour of Castle Rock Brewery – he was touring with the band in Morocco, Georgia and Belarus while ‘his’ Nottinghamian Celebration Ale was the ale of the season in Spring 2013.

His trip round, led by Charlie Blomeley, gave Ian an insight into how his beer had been made and gave him the chance to thank the brewery workers and head brewer, Adrian Redgrove, for their efforts.  As a real ale fan, he was keen to taste Harvest Pale which he described as ‘perfect’.

Ian Paice is the 11th in a line of famous sons and daughters of the city and county celebrated in Castle Rock’s real ale series.

Beckinsale beer behind bars

Vic B'ale Blom Beck Wilde Loe Red hires
Two pints please! “Vat” regulars, ‘Coop’ Cooper as Fletcher, and Tony Richardson as Lennie Godber, re-enact a final scene from ‘Porridge’. The Vat and Fiddle became HMP Slade for the launch of ‘Richard Beckinsale’, Castle Rock Brewery’s Nottingham Celebration Ale for summer 2013.   With porridge on the menu, bars on the windows, and a metal framed bunk bed in place, the pub’s Golding’s Room was transformed into a cell worthy of BBC tv’s 1970s fictional jail .

Richard Beckinsale, who was born in Carlton in 1947 and, after school in Chilwell and at RADA in London, became best known for his part as the young innocent alongside Ronnie Barker’s wily old lag, Fletcher, in the celebrated comedy.  The Celebration Ale is available in pubs across the East Midlands.  It is the third in this year’s series which honours famous sons and daughters of Nottingham and the county.

Kate and friends call in at the Vic
Hollywood star Kate Beckinsale and a glittering array of A-listers completed a Nottinghamshire day of celebration of the life of her father, Richard, with a private party and lunch at Beeston’s Victoria Hotel.

The meal, washed down with pints of ‘Richard Beckinsale’, the current Castle Rock Nottinghamian Celebration Ale, followed a morning in Chilwell where Kate and her mother, actress Judy Loe, unveiled a blue plaque outside College House Junior School which Richard attended in the 1950s.

“I’m not really a real ale drinker,” admitted Kate. “Sadly, we can’t really get it in the United States.  But this is very nice, in fact, it’s lovely.”

Michael Sheen, who has played Brian Clough and Tony Blair with recent roles including Aro in the Twilight saga tried the ale with David Walliams, and Kate’s husband, Hollywood film maker, Len Wiseman.

During their Vic visit, Castle Rock’s Charlie Blomeley and managing director Colin Wilde presented Kate and her mother with a pair of framed commemorative plaques showing Castle Rock Brewery’s remembrance of Richard and details of ‘his’ celebration ale.

The mementos of the day were particularly appreciated by Judy Loe.  “As we’re approaching Kate’s significant birthday, I decided along with her husband, to create a book called ‘Funny Girl’ – she really is a chip off the old block when it comes to comedy. “Note how the name is really Beckin’s Ale – rich and fruity like Richard and Kate,” said Judy.

Richard Beckinsale, the actor, was born in Nottingham in 1947.  He became a household favourite for ‘Porridge’ and ‘Rising Damp’ before his life was cut short after a heart attack in 1979.  ‘Richard Beckinsale’, the ale, is Castle Rock Brewery’s 12th in a series celebrating famous sons and daughters of the city and county.

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