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Published on June 2nd, 2013 | by Nottingham Drinker


Caythorpe Brewery – Local Brewery News

Dick Turpin, highwayman and outlaw decided at some point, that other peoples’ valuables would look far better adorning his own personage and embellishing his wealthy desires than their proper and rightful owners. Thus, using pistols, knives and most probably rather coarse language, he rode up and down the Great North Road on his horse Black Bess (allegedly named) and relieved his victims so they may continue on their way less encumbered with weighty trinkets.

There is a local myth that after one or two of Mr. Turpin’s nefarious dealings with the general public, he used to ride over to the River Trent, crossing somewhere near Caythorpe and make for the Black Horse pub wherein he would hide away for a while in a small cupboard until the hue and cry had abated. Indeed, even to this day you can view the said highwaymans’ closet and marvel at his cleverness and skill at playing hide and seek.

Many’s the time, after a days brewing, while cleaning out the copper of it’s charge of spent hops, I have heard weird and ghostly, spine tingling noises from the other side of the brewery walls making me think ‘is there someone there?’……old Dick squeezing into his hole perhaps…….of course it could be Sharron, the Landlady, shovelling coal into an iron bucket from the tin bunker..but you never know. Then again, thinking about it, quite what the restless spirit of a notorious and dastardly outlaw would want with a scoop of anthracite I don’t know.

This is the myth from where the name of Caythorpe Brewery’s new 4%abv Pale beer ‘Outlaw’ originated. Caythorpe’s first Pale beer for many a year is brewed with New Zealand hops and one eye over the shoulder, it has a smooth bitterness and a light peppery/orangey citrus finish and has been flying out the door quicker than Dick himself did on overhearing the shout ‘Got any outlaw landlord?’

There is, so I’m told, another notorious outlaw who frequented the local area..I forget his name now….er…

Keep an eye out for Dark Gem as well, this is Caythorpe’s mild ale and is making an appearance at various pubs involved with the Mild in May – Mild Trail this year. Dark Gem was in fact the only mild beer to win the bronze medal in the Mild category at the 2012 Nottingham Beer Festival.

See you down the pub!

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